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Unlock Exclusive Access to Emmis Capital’s Pre-IPO Bridge Fund for NYSE & Nasdaq Listings, Traditionally Exclusive to Institutional Investors.

If your portfolio doesn’t include an investment with a Targeted Return of 25%-35% annually, it’s time to speak with Emmis about Direct Access to Secured Investments in emerging Pre-IPO growth companies.

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Emmis' investors benefit by earning an annual 12% dividend, paid quarterly, with annual Total Targeted Investor Returns of 25%-35%.

Once Reserved for Wall Street Institutions

Learn How to Participate in Emmis Capital's Pre-IPO Financings to Capture Exceptional Returns

NYSE and Nasdaq Ready Pre-IPO Micro-Cap Bridge Finance is a Huge Market Opportunity

Timing is Everything...

Emmis Capital launched its high-market-demand Fund to great success, and the funds first 4 monetized transactions achieved 33% Total Investor Returns.

Emmis Capital is a managed fund that invests in Pre-IPO companies preparing to list on the NYSE or Nasdaq. Buoyed by its more than 50 years combined C-suite level Wall Street experience, Emmis Capital parses through the best upcoming IPO
Fund investments tend to range from $100,000 to $1 million, depending on the size and complexity of the company, and is the typical investment range anticipated by the Emmis Capital Fund.

Emmis further de-risks investments via its deal process partners, who perform thorough due diligence of each invested Company and often lead the successful IPO execution for the invested Company, so those Companies can focus on operations and growth.

The Emmis Bridge Fund is based on an historically successful strategy:

All debt is Secured Convertible Debt – secured Company debt or equity, with a preferred payback.

High-Growth Industries: Our pre-IPO investments target companies in high-growth sectors like technology, biotech, and disruptive industries, offering the potential for significant returns.

Favorable Entry Valuations: Investing before a company goes public allows Emmis to secure shares at a discount to the IPO price, maximizing potential gains.

Ability to Identify Winners: Our experienced management team has a strong track record of spotting promising emerging growth companies, increasing the likelihood of successful investments.

Active Management: Our boutique fund specializes in pre-IPO investing, ensuring that investments are thoughtfully selected, actively monitored, and optimized for growth.

Comprehensive Due Diligence: Our investment selection team conducts thorough due diligence, analyzing a company’s business model, competitive landscape, financial outlook, and current market intelligence to make well-informed investment decisions.

By investing with Emmis Capital, you gain access to the exciting world of pre-IPO opportunities, with the potential for substantial rewards in high-growth industries.

Come Grow with Us!

With the senior secure note structure, high coupon interest and equity ‘kickers’ of Emmis Capital, as well as the focus of its Management Team, the results of the funds initial 5 investments have come as no surprise:

Experience Returns Reserved for Discerning High Net Worth Individuals

An Investment in Emmis Capital is exclusively for Accredited investors.

The minimum investment amount is $50,000 for a 2-year minimum term and  the investment horizon is 4 years for most investors.

Emmis has monetized 4 of their initial 5 investments, achieving investor returns consistent with funds expected returns.

It all begins with a 12% annual dividend paid to you quarterly.

It’s a straightforward strategy that limits risk; by investing in our basket of upcoming IPOs, you’ll be investing in what’s usually the last significant discounted round, the pre-IPO offering. Emmis Capital strategically invests pre-IPO, securing positions before investment bankers initiate their IPO funding rounds. This approach allows our fund to capitalize on discounts and leverage the upside and excitement surrounding a stock’s public trading debut.
Best of all, Emmis’ pre-IPO company investments are Secured Convertible Notes, which receive preferential treatment in the worst-case scenario.

Your investment in Emmis Capital earns a 3% quarterly dividend (12% annually), plus pro-rata shares of profits after a 2% annual management fee.

Emmis earns a 20% performance fee on all profits as well as a standard 2% annual management fees are distributed, until such time as the investors total returns exceed 30%, at which point the performance fee becomes 50% thereafter.

Emmis adheres to the documented investment criteria and the companies Emmis invests will become eligible to meet national stock exchange listing requirements, like the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq.

Why you should diversify using Emmis Capital for accelerated growth!

As of the beginning of Q4 2023, only 8 US hedge funds returned more than 33% per annum in the previous 3 years out of a staggering 3,9261,2. Gaining access to these funds for smaller accredited investors is nearly impossible due to hefty minimum investment commitments.

Emmis’ low investment commitment and comparable targeted annual returns offer smaller accredited investors the potential for top hedge fund-like performance through secured Investments in emerging Pre-IPO growth companies.

Filling the Void with Transparency and Integrity - The Emmis Strategy

Derived from the Hebrew word for Truth, Emmis embodies truth and transparency, and stands out as a boutique investment fund meticulously crafted for discerning high net worth individuals seeking unparalleled access to early-stage, pre-IPO investments.

We proudly set our sights on Total Investor Targeted Returns of 25-35% annually. With participation deliberately limited, we offer an exclusive gateway to investment opportunities historically reserved for Wall St. insiders, ensuring that Emmis investors are part of a distinguished circle capitalizing on the most promising companies poised for upcoming market breakthroughs, as well as national securities market IPOs.

Elevate your investment journey with Emmis Capital and align yourself with a fund that not only opens new avenues of investment opportunity, but propels you towards exceptional returns  by leveraging the niche market needs of companies valued between $30-$100 million seeking to accelerate growth by accessing the millions of dollars awaiting them on Wall Street.

Innovation and Integrity: The Emmis Way!

Innovation meets integrity at Emmis Capital. By helping issuer companies finance IPO administrative fees, Emmis helps build a solid foundation for its portfolio companies, ensuring a seamless and financially sound entry into the public markets. You’re investing in a future shaped by truth, innovation, and exceptional returns.

Emmis Investment Strategy’s Three Key Advantages

1. Very strict criteria: The foundational strength of the Emmis strategy lies with limiting investment to companies actively engaged in an Initial Public Offering on a senior exchange with a well-regarded investment bank, coupled with a short time horizon.

2. Emmis’s deal structure maximizes investment security while minimizing risk:  The risk mitigation strength of the Emmis transaction structure lies in the issuance of secured debt.

3. Emmis’s deals typically include Material Equity ‘Kickers’:  A strength of the Emmis return strategy lies in the issuance by the Company of equity at a discount to the IPO price and in the quantum of shares and/or warrants received.

Invest in the Emmis Capital Fund to capitalize on a strategy that has historically ONLY been available to the most discriminating Institutional Investors!

Please Send Me the Emmis Investor Deck and Term Sheet Immediately

Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio to include pre-IPO investments can help to mitigate risks associated with traditional investments
The strength of the Emmis strategy lies in the issuance of secured convertible debt, which is the base of the Company’s capital stack, and most secure. The practical strength of the Emmis strategy lies with limiting investment to companies that are actively engaged in an Initial Public Offering on a senior exchange with a well-regarded investment bank, coupled with a short time IPO execution horizon.

Access this Boutique Fund’s Exclusive Pre-IPO Opportunities, but Participation is Limited!

Wall Street‘s Inner Circle

Love to Identify and Exploit Niche High-Return, Low-Risk Investments

Emmis Capital Expectations and Standards!

Ready to Boost Your Portfolio?

What Returns Did Your 401k or Advisor Make you During the Best Bull Market in History?

Accredited Investors can Access Outsized Returns by Investing with the Team and its Track Record

Track Record of Success:  Emmis Capital’s Management team has a strong track record of successful investments and IPOs. This track record not only instills confidence in issuers, but it also attracts higher quality issuers and enhances the group’s attractiveness to investors in future stock offerings.
Strong Relationships with Investment Bankers and Broker Dealers: Emmis Capital’s Management team has earned significant respect in the finance world working with leading investment banks, private equity firms, family offices, hedge funds in support of early to mid-stage companies executing mergers & acquisitions, Uplisting and IPOs.
IPO Expertise: Emmis Capital’s Management team has deep experience in navigating the NASDAQ and NYSE listing process, with a robust track record of taking new issues public via successful IPOs.
Expert Industry Knowledge: Emmis Capital’s Management team has in-depth knowledge of the industry’s risks and process mechanics, which is crucial in making informed investment decisions.

Join a Team of Visionaries as a Shareholder

Please Send Me the Emmis Investor Deck and Term Sheet Immediately

Read How the Experts at Emmis Capital are bringing Integrity and Transparency to Small and Micro-Cap Pre-IPO Financing while Capturing Exceptional Returns

"Emmis Capital: Invest in Exclusive Pre-IPO Opportunities with a Targeted 25-35% Rate of Return"

Accredited Investors can Follow the Smart Money on Wall Street

Why is Emmis Capital Focused on the Pre-IPO Micro- & Small-Cap Markets?

US IPO market reached its peak in 2021 issuances (1,500+) and total proceeds ($411 bn)

Emmis Capital provides retail investors global access to US IPO market with alignment of IPO issuer needs and retail investor demand.

Do I Qualify to Invest in Emmis Capital, LLC?

Are you an Accredited Investor, who can invest in this fund?

An accredited investor, in the context of a natural person, includes anyone who:

There are other categories of accredited investors, including the following, which may be relevant to you:

Is an Investment in Emmis Capital Right for Me?

Please Send Me the Emmis Investor Deck and Term Sheet Immediately

Summary of the Investment Opportunity

Emmis’s proven investment criteria, model and terms are ideal for investors seeking strong returns while minimizing risk. With a targeted investor ROI of 25-35% and a goal to turn investments 1.5 – 2 times per annum, this strategy offers the potential for exceptional investor returns. Additionally, the promise of 12% annual qualified dividends, paid quarterly, ensures a steady income stream.


Gain Access to High-Potential Industries through our pre-IPO investments, targeting companies within rapidly growing sectors like technology, biotech, and other disruptive fields. These industries hold the promise of delivering exponential returns.
Capitalize on Favorable Entry Points by participating in investments prior to a company’s public listing. This strategy allows investors to secure shares at valuations lower than post-IPO market prices, amplifying the potential for substantial gains.
Spotting Winning Opportunities is a strength of our proficient pre-IPO investment management teams. Their established track record in identifying emerging growth companies with the potential to become leaders in their respective industries significantly enhances the probability of successful investments.
Proactive Portfolio Management characterizes our boutique fund, which specializes in pre-IPO investing. Our approach ensures meticulous selection, continuous monitoring, and strategic optimization of investments to foster growth.
Thorough Due Diligence is conducted by our investment selection team which meticulously analyzes a company’s business model, competitive landscape, financial health, growth prospects, and current market insights. This comprehensive evaluation forms the basis for well-informed investment decisions.
Most importantly, the fund is managed by top-tier professionals with extensive experience, bringing a wealth of expertise to guide investment decisions, and partnering with Exchange Listing, LLC, renowned for its due diligence expertise and IPO execution, adds another layer of risk reduction, while the short 12-month time horizon to list on senior exchanges mitigates long-term risks and allows for faster realization of gains.
Overall, the Emmis funds strict strategy of investing in Secured Convertible Debt combined with compelling returns, capital safeguards, and expert management, makes Emmis Capital an intelligent choice for astute investors looking to achieve high financial returns while maintaining peace of mind.

Fund Snapshot At-A-Glance*


Fund Size Target

Investment Strategy

Target Portfolio Companies

Focused Business Sectors

Business Type

Check Sizes

Target Rate of Return

Quarterly Dividend

* see PPM for full fund details (View PPM Here).

Emmis Capital, LLC


Pre-IPO, IPO, Uplisting and PIPE investments

Global Companies committed to listing on Nasdaq or NY Stock Exchange or other Senior Exchanges

Technology in Health and Finance, Renewables, Consumer Goods

Emerging growth, demonstrable execution, business transformation, M&A/Rollup

$50,000 to $1m

25% to 35%

3% per quarter (12% annualized)


Unit subscription in an LLC 

The raise is currently capped at $10,000,000.

There is no minimum funding target and thus no escrow or provision to return investor funds.

Yes – phone numbers and emails to request a meeting are on the website.

As an Accredited investor you may invest as much as you choose to invest.

The company will make distribution of returns annually, investor capital contributions are subject to a twenty-four (24) month lock-up period with a right to withdrawal thereafter, and the principal invested will be returned after the funds last year of operation (Dec. 31, 2027).

Any Accredited investor, once you invest, our Broker Dealer will confirm you are Accredited based on how you answered the questions during the registration process and any other due diligence they chose to perform.  Once approved you will be sent an email of acceptance for the investment.

To qualify as an accredited investor, you must have one of the following:

Over $1 million in net worth either individually or jointly with the individual’s spouse, excluding the person’s primary residence.

More than $200,000 in gross income ($300,000 with a spouse or domestic partner) in the past two calendar years, with a reasonable expectation of the same earnings in the current year.

There are additional ways to be an accredited investor as a company or trust, please speak with your financial advisor for this information.

To calculate your net worth, just add up all of your assets and subtract all of your liabilities (excluding the value of the person’s primary residence). The resulting sum is your net worth.

We cannot give tax advice, and we encourage you to talk with your accountant or tax advisor before making an investment.

We are headquartered in sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Once an investment has been made and accepted it can only be cancelled by contacting the issuing company and requesting a refund on the investment. The Issuing company has complete discretion whether to accept the request or not and likely will not, save and except truly extenuating circumstances.

Deal maker is a service provider to the Company. Deal Maker is a cloud-based platform that streamlines digital capital raises for companies like Emmis. Deal Maker does not advise on investment opportunities or offer legal guidance and all company-related questions should be directed to the company.

Please Send Me the Emmis Investor Deck and Term Sheet Immediately

David Lowenstein

Chair, Investment Committee

David is a senior executive with broad experience scaling businesses from start-up to IPO and subsequent public and private market success and has particularly strong expertise in mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning as well as both public and private financing and has served on the boards of several public companies.

David is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Secure Computing Corporation, a high potential stealth mode cyber-security start-up and has recently also advised several companies in the cannabis, nutraceutical and life sciences robotics industries.

David was a Co-Founder, Director and Consultant at SOURCECORP (NASDAQ: SRCP) and has served in various senior management positions including Executive Vice-President Corporate Development, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer from the company’s 1994 inception, through its 1996 IPO, and subsequent 25 straight quarters of +25% EPS growth as well the completion of 74 acquisitions and 23 divestitures and co-led the Company’s August 2006 sale to Apollo Partners LP for approximately $500m. SOURCECORP is a document centric Business Process Outsourcing and Consulting company with +/- 10,000 employees operating from approximately 90 locations in 40 U.S. states, the Caribbean, the Philippines, Mexico and India. The Company has received numerous accolades including being cited among the Top 100 Hot Growth Companies by Business Week magazine, twice being recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the 200 Best Small Companies, as well as its 1999 inclusion by FORTUNE magazine’s in its list of the 100 Fastest Growing Public Companies. SOURCECORP was also a component of the S&P Small Cap 600 Index and the Russell 2000 Index.

David was also previously a Director and Audit Chair of Cricket Media (TSX.V: CKT) a global children’s education media and services and technology company and Board Chairman, Chair of the Compensation and Nominating committees, and Audit committee member of The Princeton Review (NASDAQ: REVU) a +150m revenue Bain Capital portfolio company which offers private tutoring and classroom and online test preparation and has also been a director of CAPITAL ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES INC. (NASDAQ: CERI) a +100m revenue environmental services company and served on the Company’s, Audit and Compensation committees.

Concurrent with the latter part of his SOURCECORP tenure, David was also an investor in The Learning Library Inc., an internet e-learning company focused on the licensing and certification of professionals, and led the reorganization of the business in 2004 and its subsequent sale in May 2005.

David served in several executive positions with Laidlaw Inc, a $2B revenue, NYSE listed transportation and environmental services company, personally closing over fifty (50) acquisitions and divestitures in North America, Mexico and Europe. Prior to Laidlaw Mr. Lowenstein was a mergers and acquisitions analyst at Tricil Inc. (hazardous waste) and a financial analyst at Nortel Inc. (telecommunications).

David graduated with a Master of Science of Public Policy and Business Administration (Merit Scholar) from Carnegie Mellon University and received an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Sir Wilfred University, is conversant in the German language and has won several athletic honors.

David lives with his son Jake and their aptly named dog, ‘Jack Attack’ in Mississauga, Ontario.

Peter Goldstein

CEO & Founder

Peter Goldstein is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with more than 30 years as a C-suite executive for public and private companies. An expert in navigating the ever changing climate of Wall Street, Goldstein has emerged as an international voice for the evolving industry and has successfully launched several highly innovative companies amidst today’s disruption and shifting investment practices.

Goldstein is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Grandview Capital Partners, Inc., a specialized boutique investment bank that provides innovative financial services to select entrepreneurial emerging growth companies. He serves as managing director of Exchange Listing, LLC, which provides a myriad of services in the strategic planning and implementation of listing on a senior exchange, such as Nasdaq or NYSE, for private companies or those that are listed on alternate exchanges.

In the first quarter of 2021, Goldstein formed a new partnership between Exchange Listing and The Conscious Fund to form The Conscious Acquisition Company — a range of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC) in the burgeoning field of psychedelic medicine. In February 2021, Goldstein was appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Siyata Mobile Inc. (Nasdaq: SYTA, SYTAW), a leading global developer and provider of cellular communications solutions for enterprise customers. He is a member of the Forbes Finance Council.

He continues to usher entrepreneurial emerging growth businesses to their IPOs and SPACs that are uniquely positioned to access growth capital and global capital markets.

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